About Us

The OWO currently is a 45-50 piece group playing challenging music at an advanced level. This adult band has members ranging in age from 16 and up (it just doesn’t seem right to announce specific ages, but there was reference at a concert to a couple founding members still with the band).

Many of our members play in more than one band, and this provides opportunities to exchange with other groups and expands the musical experience!

It's not all work and no play. Each spring, prior to the Annual Spring Concert, the OWO arranges an event for members that combine socialization time with some intensive rehearsals. In the past these have been done at weekend retreats and recording sessions done in local venues.

Also, members meet after rehearsals at the pub or the coffee shop to catch up on the news. These "group" pub nights are a blast (they often feel like the band retreats most of us went to in High School). Everyone is encouraged to go out and socialize.

Our Musical Director

Our Philosophy

Our aim is simple - to have fun and make music, and share it with the community of Oakville!

  • To provide musicians with a band setting in which to develop their instrumental skills. 

  • To expose players of all ages to a wide repertoire from all musical areas.

  • To give players experience in concert performance.

  • To contribute to the musical environment of our community.

  • To strive for musical excellence.